I am an amateur photographer and digital artist from Dunfermline, Fife in Scotland. I have dabbled with photography most of my adult years, but have only really taken it seriously for the last four or five.
As everyone does I started taking photos of absolutely anything, then moved on to dabbling in landscape photography. This is a great learning curve I'd recommend no matter your style as it teaches composition, light and camera functionality. I was constantly watching experts such as Thomas Heaton, Gavin Hardcastle and Adam Gibb.
I was lucky to have the opportunity to take some "behind the scenes" shots for a local movie which opened the door to capturing fantasy/action characters.
I took it upon myself to learn studio lighting, colour theory, retouching and compositing to help create better content.
Being able to engage with local film-makers provides a great source of content and the associated networking also opens doors to other creators and projects.
As I strive to create better, stronger content I look to my favourite photographers/manipulators/bashers to gain inspiration from: Stefan Gesell, Phaserunner, Vince Voltage and Kelly Robitaille to name a few.
I have recently taken some time from the camera to enhance my digital skills learning a little Blender and also overpainting and brush techniques, hoovering skills from people such as Imad Awan, Christian Bentulan and Elena Sai.
I do not use AI as I believe ordering food from a menu does not make you a chef!! It may have its place and could be useful for inspiration and for creating composite content, but I will refrain.

Please reach out using the contact form for collaborations, project involvements and such like.

Currently ranked 59th from 314 registered uk WPE Photographers
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